A Website Designer for Ottawa IL

A well designed website will make a great difference in the advertising impact of your business. Contact us for effective website design in Ottawa, IL and Will and Grundy Counties IL. See how Your Website plans can become a reality with a great looking affordable website done with care by a certified website designer.

Our Services

  • Website Design

    Let me design a unique website for you that will get search results, pull in customers and increase name recognition.

  • Website Face Lift

    Want to change the appearance of your website without investing a lot of cash. Let me make it over for less!

  • eCommerce Website

    Need an eCommerce website? I can design an eCommerce store for you that will be easy for you to manage.

Why Choose Greg's Webs?

  • website owners have a clear advantage

    Why Have A Website?

    A website could be just the thing that you need to increase your business. The technical requirements of website ownership are now more within reach of most business persons. Many businesses have an Ecommerce website in addition to their brick and mortar store. People are getting more comfortable with shopping on line as more secure payment options have emerged. In our small community it would be easy to have a website which would rise to the top of your search category. This would put you way out in front of the competition.

  • website does not cost a bundle of money

    What Are The Costs?

    Website design costs vary greatly among web design companies with prices ranging as high as $5000 or more. We offer website design packages which are usually half the price of larger companies. We will do a discount template based website for you for less than $200 for a 3 - 4 page site. Remember the cost increases the more pages and features you add. Once this initial expense is taken care of you can expect a yearly expense of less than $80 except in cases where commercial cart software is chosen.

  • What do I have to do to buy a website?

    What Do I Have To Do?

    To work successfully with your website designer you need to spend some time thinking about what you want to get out of your website. Do you expect to sell merchandise or just advertise your business location? To get the best results from your new website you need to think of a unique style that will fit your business or match your logo or brand. Since you know more about your business than your website designer you need to write and provide some paragraphs which describe your services and business philosophy.

  • Reasons to use Greg's Webs.com

    Why Use Greg's Webs?

    There is no shortage of website designers and design firms. There are also a number of willing teenagers who would be glad to punch out a website for you. However there are a number of good reasons to work with a qualified website designer in your community. Big city design firms may seem like they are more together but they are not really. They will all have long wait times and predictably high fees. A hobbyist can build your website for a very small fee. What most hobbyists do not know is that a website is much like an iceberg; nine tenths hidden under water. The appearance of a site can be good but the parts that give you good Search Engine Position and money making efficiency are all hidden. Greg's Webs.com is your local certified website designer. We know all about the details and features that will help you succeed.

Great Web Hosting

  • We now offer Premium Hosting!

    May 27, 2010

    We now offer Premium Web Hosting. The site is gw-hosting.com The focus is on offering hosting packages which will fit the budget of smaller users. We do this by offering packages with more down-to-earth storage and bandwidth sizes. The smaller packages go for half the cost of hosting of many of the popular hosting companies. Owners needing top end packages will find our larger packages are capable of hosting sites which get several thousand visits a day.


  • "Greg was great to work with, super service and understood exactly what I was looking for in a website".

    Theresa Poundstone - Realtor - Ottawa, IL